About C.M.A. Ryu

C.M.A. Ryu (Combat Martial Arts School) has developed out of Instructor Dave Courts' passion for studying Martial Systems, as his knowledge and qualifications have increased he has been able to offer more varied classes in an effort to appeal to more individuals. Dave belives that everyone should be able to practice or cross train in Martial systems at a reasonable price and in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Everyone trains for different or personal reasons, but the one thing we try to ensure at C.M.A. Ryu is that whatever we teach is practical, effective and realistic, we make no bold claims that we will imbue you with amazing fighting abilities or supernatural powers, however we will endeavour to increase you personal awareness and confidence, allowing you to avoid or deal with situations more effectively.

Classes offered at C.M.A. Ryu include:

- Kempo Kan Ju-Jitsu [16yrs+] - Tuesday: 18:30 to 20:00 - Cost: £6.00 per lesson

- Dacayana Eskrima [16yrs+] - Tuesday 20:00 to 21:30 - Cost: £6.00 per lesson

(Combined  Class cost: £10:00 per week)


**Coming in 2023**

- Sukoshi Bushi (Little Warriors) [4-8yrs]

- Karate-Jitsu [8-16yrs] (Coming soon to a new venue)

- Weapons Class [16yrs+]

-  Manchester JKD Concepts and Amalgamated Eskrima [16yrs+]