International Kempo Ju-Jitsu Union

  • The International Kempo Ju-Jitsu Union is a Multi Style Martial Arts Union, originally founded and headed by Shihan Dave Vincent, and currently restarted and run by Shihan Dave Court (Judan) and a committee of senior Black Belts. The name of the Union merely reflects the core martial art system studied and taught by Shihan Dave Court (Judan).

  • I.K.J.J.U. are happy to accept applications for membership from any Martial Arts Instructor regardless of System or Style as long as it is a realistice effective system, we do not currently cater for Sport based systems.

  • We only ask that you submit a copy of your current syllabus, Public Liability, Professional Indemnity and certificate of rank(s)

  • Our goal is to gather together like-minded students of the martial arts who are willing to interact with each other and members of other clubs and associations outside the I.K.J.J.U. with the aim to improve knowledge, skill and efficiency whilst sharing ideas and learning from each other.

  • If required the I.K.J.J.U. will assist member clubs with gathering Instructors for Grading Panels, Demos, and Courses / Seminars – this will only be done when requested.

  • The I.K.J.J.U. adheres to a non-interference policy – Members are free to teach their own syllabus, conduct their own seminars and gradings, and train with members of other Organisations, Associations or Unions. However we are here to help and support where we can if required.

  • Shihan Court himself states that after 50+ yrs he is still learning, and still considers himself very much a student of the Martial Arts.