Lesson Cost:
Students are advised that due to an increase in Hall Rental we are having to increase or lesson costs (for the second time in 15 years!!).
New costs starting April2019 will be as follows:
Kempo Kan Ju-Jitsu;
                                     Juniors £3.50
                                    Seniors (16yrs+) £5.00
                                    Gradings £10.00
Dacayana Eskrima;
                              Student Fee £5.00 per Lesson
Thank You for your continued support,
Sensei Dave Court.

Kempo Kan Ju-Jitsu Martial Arts Workshop 2019

Sensei Court will be hosting a seminar on the Saturday 13th July 2019 at:

Baden Powell Scout Hut - Shiro No Zen Judo Kwai Bury Dojo,

Millett Street,




Instructors so far include:
Shihan Court -Kempo Ju-Jitsu
Magtutudlo Marcie Harding - Dacayana UK & Europe Director

(unfortunately due to some personal reasons Marcie Harding is unable to attend, so has asked Dave Court to step in and teach some Dacayana Eskrima on the day)

Shihan George Launders - Shiro No Zen Judo

Shihan Jeff Sawyer - Anzen Ryu Jiu-Jitsu

Sifu Andrew Charles-Galsworthy - Wing Chun Kung-Fu

The seminar will run on Saturday 13th July from 10:30 until approx.17:00 - with a 45min lunch break at approx. 13:00
Due to the content students must be 16yrs or older to attend.

Cost - £25.00 for the day.

Rough Outline for the day:
- 10:30: Welcome, Introductions & Warm-up
- 11:00: Shihan George Launders

- 12:00: Shihan Jeff Sawyer
- 13:00: 45min Lunch Break
- 13:45: Magtutudlo Marcie Harding

- 14:45: Shihan Dave Court
- 15:45: A N Other (To be confirmed)
- 16:45: Closing out and Thank You's

Everyone attending is advised to bring a packed lunch and (if the current weather continues especially) Plenty of Water.​

Please e-mail or message Sensei Court if you wish to attend or require more information.

Kempo Kan Ju-Jitsu Student Gradings 2019:

Kempo Kan Ju-Jitsu Student Kyu Gradings will be held on the following dates:

Tuesday May 28th 2019


Tuesday November 26th 2019

All students grading MUST bring the Licence Grading Books and arrive by 18:15pm.

Cost for the grading will be £10.00.

Students not grading are welcome to attend and act as Uke at no cost.

There will be no Dacayana Eskrima class held on these dates.

Dacayana Eskrima Gradings & Mini Seminar


There will be NO Kempo Ju-Jitsu Class on Tuesday June 11th 2019, due to a Dacayana Eskrima Mini Seminar & Grading with Marcie Harding. This Mini Seminar is Open to All Martial Art Students, please contact Dave Court for details if required:

Tuesday June 11th 2019 - 17:00pm until 19:30pm

Mini Seminar and Grading with the Amazing Marcie Harding (Dacayana Eskrima UK & Europe Director) Cost will be - £10.00 for Dacayana Students & Associates. £20.00 for non-members.

Some Photos from the October Grading Weekend in Ireland: