About Dacayana Eskrima U.K. & Europe

The Dacayana system is unique, the emphasis is on flow, precision, timing, good body mechanics, control, footwork and form.

Some of the main differences that you will notice between the Dacayana system and other Fillipino Martial Arts (FMA) you may come across in the UK:

i.                    The footwork, form and movement are unique.

ii.                  The preferred length of the stick is  32”-34” as opposed to the more common 26”-28”.

iii.                The Balla Balla training is unique.

iv.                The absence of any sporting applications, rare in other eskrima systems.

v.                  Consecutive strike ‘hard wiring’ is rare or not seen in other systems.

vi.                Absence of Abinico ‘fan’ strikes.

vii.              Absence of some of the more common FMA drills such as ‘Hubad’

viii.            Predominantly a Right Handed System (This may or may not be found in other systems)

The Dacayana System is extremely fast because of the simplicity of the strikes and the footwork. The flow is achieved by a series of connected or consecutive strikes hard wired into the practitioner, which can be used to both attack and counter. Master Jhun is keen to preserve the history and culture of Cebu within the system and so where possible Cebuano/visayan terminology is used to describe the key strikes, techniques and fundamentals of the system. 

However (Dave Court) being mostly Japanese trained, has a tendency to relate some of the teachings to what he is already familiar with from previous martial arts studies in order to aid his understanding. Dave is currently studying the Dacayana system under Marcie Harding, the Director of Dacayana UK & Europe.


Joining Dacayana Eskrima UK & Europe

All students who are accepted into Dacayana Eskrima Manchester must join Dacayana Eskrima UK & Europe in order to train and also to be graded in the system. Anyone is free to come along and try our class and after a little while Dave will decide if they have the right attitude and spirit to join the club and association. This practice is to help ensure that the potentially dangerous techniques contained within the system are not taught to individuals who will abuse the knowledge.


**Please note: we will not accept any students below 14yrs old. Also we request that parents of student's under 16yrs remain in the training hall for the duration of the lesson.

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