Weapons Class
Planned for 2023

Whilst our Kempo Kan Ju-Jitsu system is a complete Martial System, including History, Empty Hand, Esoteric knowledge, Self Defence, Defences against weapons wielded by an untrained attacker and the basic knowledge and use of traditional weapons such as Baton, Knife, Jo, Bokken / Katana & Bo, we also have a separate weapons syllabus that aims to expand the students skill and knowledge of traditional weapons to intermediate and advanced levels.

                Student’s have a choice of 8 traditional weapons to train in, each one with their own syllabus and levels, these include:

  • Nunchaku: Basic to intermediate level – a great training aid to assist with timing, control and co-ordination.

  • Tuifa / Tonfa: Basic to intermediate level – an effective self-defence weapon allowing you to make an easy transition from empty hand to weapon work. You will learn how to block, strike and restrain utilising one or two Tonfa.

  • Sai: Basic to Advanced level – The familiar Okinawan three-pronged metal weapon is another one that allows those unfamiliar with weapons but proficient in empty hand techniques to transition easily, keeping stances and blocks the same but changing the mechanics slightly for blocking, deflecting and striking techniques. It is a heavy weapon requiring skill to control precisely and effectively.

  • Baton: Basic to intermediate level – A short 1.5 to 2foot piece of wood or other material, effective for takedowns, simple locking techniques and adding power to striking and blocking techniques, a simple and highly effective addition to a martial artists arsenal and relatively easy to fashion or locate.

  • Knife: Basic to advanced level – One of the most well known and feared weapons due to exposure in Fiction and on screen, the Knife syllabus aims to teach you a number of drills that will train you in the pros and cons of this versatile weapon. It will teach you how dangerous it is in the hands of someone who knows how to use it, and why knife defences are only taught for use against an untrained knife attacker or for a knife threat situation NOT against a knife attack from a trained user!

  • Jo: Basic to advanced level – The short 4’ staff is a useful and versatile weapon. This syllabus trains you in the traditional aspects of using the weapon along with both the Aikijo and Jojutsu applications to give you a well rounded view of this traditional Samurai weapon.

  • Bo: Basic to advanced level – The Basics are identical to the Jo syllabus in terms of the 10 Strike drill, however as the syllabus advances you learn to deal with the longer reach and heavier weight of the weapon, along with its advantages and disadvantages, working through solo drills, Kata, two person drills and a two person Kata.

  • Bokken & Katana: Basic to advanced level – The symbol of the Samurai, one of the most well known and admired weapons in History the Bokken & Katana are closely linked in terms of training at the Basic and intermediate levels, but at the advanced Level you truly begin to appreciate the subtle differences between the sharp edged Katana and the wooden Bokken. Whilst at first glance the syllabus doesn’t look complicated, containing mostly solo drills and Kata, along with Kumitachi against other weapons and a two person kata, it is the subtle strategies that slowly reveal themselves that make learning this weapon a life-long commitment and journey.

As the training levels increase so does the mental and physical demand upon the student, they will be pushed harder and faster, and as with every type of physical activity there is always the risk of injury, which the instructor will always try to keep to a minimum. For certain aspects of the training safety equipment can be issued, but it is strongly recommended that student’s purchase their own once they are certain that they are going to continue with the training.