Manchester JKD Concepts & Amalgamated Eskrima

*Planned for 2023*

This class is based on one of the most comprehensive Kali / Eskrima based JKD Concepts programs available. Dave Court studies under Marcie Harding (also his Dacayana Eskrima Instructor) and has developed a syllabus based upon the Kali knowledge learnt from Marcie and his own previous FMA knowledge as a vehicle for teaching students the Concepts of Bruce Lee's Martial Philosophy of Jeet Kune Do. This includes Empty Hand, Energy Drills, Single and Double stick drills, JKD Takedowns, Kali & Silat Takedowns, Kali Knife, and JKD Trapping and Grappling. 

     As this is a new class the syllabus and structure will likely undergo some adjustments and alterations dependant upon the feedback from students. The class is open to any individual from 16yrs +.

    **More information will be added as the class develops**