Kempo Kan Ju-Jitsu follows the Kyu Dan Ranking system found in many other martial arts in modern times, begining at 8th Kyu for juniors and 7th Kyu for Seniors.

We still follow the old Kempo Ju-Jitsu Grading system where we physically grade up to Sandan (3rd Dan Black Belt).

Students can be awarded honoury grades of 4th to 8th Dan by their Chief Instructor and peers within the Martial Arts Community for their dedication to teaching, learning and developing the art along with their willingness to share with other systems and their promotion of the Martial Arts in general.


Titles (Shōgō):

            The main Title utilised within the Kempo Kan Ju-Jitsu system if that of Sensei, however other titles can be bestowed by the Chief Instructor if they deem the student worthy. We like to remind our students that titles are not the be all and end all but rather should reflect the skill and personality of the person bearing them.

- Sensei: One Who Has Gone Before - Used to refer to any Yudansha (Black Belt) within the Dojo

- Shihan: Senior Instructor - Only awarded by the Chief Instructor to students of Godan (5th Dan Black Belt) Rank or higher.

- Senpai: Used to refer to Kyu grade students of a higher grade than yourself.

- Kohai: Used to refer to Kyu grade students of the same or a lower grade than yourself.


The Menkyo Ranking System:

            The Original Japanese systems of Ju-Jitsu utilised the earlier Menkyo Certification system of ranking, rather than the Kyu / Dan structure.  In honour of our systems roots, and as a method of recognising those students who go above and beyond the requirements of the syllabus and show true dedication to the study of Kempo Ju-Jitsu, Sensei Court has introduced 6 Menkyo Certificates for the Kempo Kan Ju-Jitsu System. Unlike a grading for the Kyu / Dan ranks these certificates are awarded by Sensei Court to those students who meet the strict criteria he has set for each certificate, they can be awarded at any time and are usually presented in private. There is no fee paid for them and no examination expected, usually the student is not even aware that they are going to be receiving the award.


Okuiri: Enter into the system: the student has learnt the foundation techniques of the system. (Normally 6/8 years of study minimum)

Mokuroku Sensei: Enter onto the Role: The student is recognised as a certified junior instructor. (Normally awarded after a minimum of 8/10 years study at the Dojo)

Menkyo: Licence: The student has mastered the first basic level of the Yudansha techniques. (Normally awarded after a minimum of 11/13 years study at the Dojo - students should be no lower than Sandan Rank).

Okuden: Initiated: The student is ready to begin their senior Yudansha training in the martial arts. (Normally a minimum of 15/17 years of study at the Dojo, students should be of Yondan Rank minimum).

Shin-yo-no-Maki: Fully Licensed: The student is recognised as a full instructor in the system. (Normally awarded after a minimum of 26/28 years study at the Dojo, the student should be ranked no lower than Rokudan).

Menkyo Kaiden: Licence of Full Transmission: The student has learnt everything their Sensei has to teach them, and demonstrated mastery over all aspects of the system. (Normally awarded after a minimum of 33/35 years study at the Dojo, student should be no lower than Shichidan ). These students are the future of the art.

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