About Dacayana Eskrima Manchester

Dacayana Eskrima Manchester is a small local club affiliated with the Dacayana Eskrima U.K and Europe Association run by European Director Marcie Harding under the guidance of Grand Master Jun Dacayana (based in the Phillipines).

The club is run by Dave Court - a qualified 1st Degree Black Belt Coach in the Dacayana Eskrima system, who trains directly under Marcie Harding, travelling down to train in Malvern or inviting her upt to Manchester for personal tuition. 

     All gradings within the club are conducted under the supervision of European Director Marcie Harding or the UK and Europe Representative John Devereaux (Marcie’s 2nd in command).

The club keeps a number of spare 32” training sticks and various training knives /  daggers for students to utilise during lessons, however we strongly encourage students who are accepted into the club and are serious about sticking to the training to purchase their own equipment since this will allow you to train at home. 

Club equipment will not be loaned out to any student at any time!

      Joining Dacayana Eskrima Manchester is by invite only, anyone is welcome to come and train with us, and after a little while, if Dave is happy that you have the right attitude and spirit for learning the techniques and philosophies of Dacayana Eskrima, you will be invited to join the Dacayan Eskrima UK and Europe Association and the Dacayana Eskrima Manchester club. Anyone unwilling to join the association after this time period will be asked to cease training with us.

Dave is not interested in just training future Black Belts, he is also aiming to create the next generation of Dacayana Eskrima Coaches to help preserve and continue this system of Eskrima in both the UK and Europe. 

**Please note: we will not accept any students below 14yrs old. Also we request that parents of student's below 16yrs remain in the training hall for the duration of the lesson.


Uniform / Clothing

The Dacayana Eskrima Manchester Uniform - For training within the Dacayana Eskrima Manchester training hall and on seminars / courses - consists of Black bottoms and comfortable footware, (i.e. trainers) - supplied by the student - and a Dacayana Eskrima U.K T-Shirt available from Dave Court.


Dacayana U.K. & Europe Annual Membership Costs

Current costs for Students to join Dacayana Eskrima U.K. & Europe are £10.00 for License and Insurance for the year (as of 2016)


Dacayana Eskrima UK T-Shirts (Forest Green) can be bought for £16.00 [Logo on front only] + p&p, through Dave Court (via Marcie Harding).

Please Note: Black T-Shirts are for Dacayana Instructors and coaches only.


Sticks & Daggers - We use the less common 32" Eskrima Sticks for our training, and training dagger / knives, such as aluminium JKD daggers, the aluminium or wooden tantos' common in most Japanese systems, polypropalene blades and training balisong. Students are advised to purchase two sticks and two training daggers / knives to ensure you have a spare in case of loss or breakage (always a risk).


Lesson Costs - The cost for the hours class at Urmston is £4.00

(Any of Dave's Kempo Ju-Jitsu Students interested in learning this sytem as well as the Kempo Ju-Jitsu please speak to Dave in class for a discounted joint lesson fee)

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